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               Ace von Der Schattigen Gasse (long coat)
              Son of Dux von der Dunieschenke and Wanika von der Piste Trophe (German imports)

                  OFFA : Good hips DM Clear

Ammo vom Acelin                                                                             view pedigree       OFFA- Good hips       DM clear
Ammo is the son of World Sieger Champion VA1 2X Remo vom Fitchenschlag.


Gator Vom Windig Ackeren                        RETIRED                      OFFA Good hips
Gator passed over the rainbow bridge in August on 2018 at age 12,5 years old.....We still miss him.....
Gator Gator
Dallas vom Windig Ackeren                                         born: Sept 24, 2012                         OFFA- GOOD hips  DM : B 
Dallas is a Gator son....young, large bone, great temperament, ball drive.                                 view pedigree

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